The ultimate Apple Watch tracker, timer & journal App for your bodybuilding & crossfit workouts.

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All the Apple Watch features for bodybuilding & crossfit workouts you need!

Sets, Reps & Weight on your Apple Watch

Keeping track of your sets, reps and weights has never been easier. Simply increase or decrease your weights and reps with the press of a finger or by using the Apple Watches Digital Crown and get back to your training, see immediately your last trainings values directly on your wrist and correct them only if needed. Unlike other bodybuilding and crossfit apps, Wrkout never gets in your way and was specifically designed to be used with your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Bodybuilding Timer

You need a timer for your workouts that was made for Apple Watch? The Wrkout app got you covered. Just activate the timer for your train and rest time if needed. With the flexible time-entering you can define your train and rest time separately for each set, which makes Wrkout’s timer suitable for all kind of exercises and gives you total control on your Apple Watch. Wrkout even has a snooze button. - because we are all just humans.

The ultimate Apple Watch Bodybuilding App made with simplicity in mind

The more carefully you track, the more effectively you can train. Keeping your training record, accurate and complete with the help of your Apple Watch is what Wrkout is about.You train a bodyweight excercise? Just press a button to replace weights with your bodyweight and your Apple Watch will not bother you anymore with unnedeed Input requirements. You want to track your One Arm Dumbbell Curls for every arm separately ? Just press L/R and you can choose values independently directly on your wrist. And all this can be combined the way you want to make your Apple Watch Bodybuilding Experience as simple as possible. The interface only shows you what u really need and thats what matters if u want to track your Wrkout on your Apple Watch.

Bodybuilding Statistics & Diagrams on your Apple Watch

Analytics doesn't have to be boring. Wrkout shows your historical training data in unique and simple REPMAX graphs and statistics if you want drectly on your Apple Watch. Track your improvements and get rewarded with charts that are informative and beautiful at the same time. Finally, you can make your training social by sharing your statistics with your friends by the press of a button on your Apple Watch.


December 1, 2014

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